Privacy Policy

Demae-can Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) takes the utmost care in handling the personal information of a user of the Demae-can or Demae-can related service operated by the Company (hereinafter referred to as the “Company Service”) (such user of the Company Service is hereinafter referred to as “User, and such personal information of User, as “User Information”) to ensure that User Information is properly protected.

This Privacy Policy sets out how the Company handles User Information that the Company may collect on the Demae-can website for Users to use the Company Service safely. When using the Demae-can website, Users are requested to give consent to our handling of User Information in the manner set out in this Privacy Policy.

Please note that this Privacy Policy may be revised. When making a significant revision to this Privacy policy, the Company will notify Users of the content of revision in an easy-to-understand way.

Please note that Users who log in the Company Service by using Line Account (Line Login) are also subject to the LY Corporation Privacy Policy.

1. Management of User Information

The Company respects User’s privacy and, recognizing that User Information is important information that needs to be protected, the Company strictly manages User Information collected about the User.

The Company takes preventive measures to protect User Information from illegal access, loss, destruction, alteration and leaks, and the Company also appoints an information security officer to properly manage User Information and take prompt corrective measures should anything happen.

The measures the Company takes for safety control of the personal information can be found here.

2. Collection of User Information

The Company collects the following items of User Information in the Company Service:

[Information Input by User]
Users may be requested to input the name, address, telephone number, email address, date of birth and other information when using the Company Service.
[Information on Status of Use of Company Service by User]

The Company may, by using cookies and other tools, collect information on the status of use of the Company Services by Users including their records of orders placed through the Company Service and access records to the Company Service.

The Company may also collect User’s access logs and device information including IP address and browser information when the User uses the Company Service.

[Location Information]
The Company may collect location information of Users to provide services by utilizing their location information and other appropriate services, only in cases where Users activate transmission of location information in their setting of cell phones, etc.
[Information on Use of Services Operated by Third Parties]
The Company may receive User Information(Includes the personally referable information which is related to personally that cannot be identified by the third party. The following is the same in this section.) from third parties (including without limitation LY Corporation) to provide appropriate services for Users. The Company may receive User Information from partnered business operators who are offering original services or from partnered business operators who are offering services in coordination with the Company Services.

3. Purpose of Use of User Information

The Company uses User Information in the Company Service for the purposes set forth below. The Company will inform Users separately when intending to use User Information for any other purpose:

(1) For Provision, Improvement and Development of the Company Services

  • Enabling User to efficiently utilize the Company Service
  • Preparing statistical data on the utilization of the Company Service to improve the Company Service
  • Responding to inquiries from Users
  • Conducting questionnaires on the Company Service provided at present or planned to be provided in the future
  • Formulating and providing new plans on the Company Service in the future
  • Drawing lots and delivering awards in campaigns, etc.
  • Billing to Users fees for purchase of products or for use of onerous services
  • Providing important notices to and making necessary contact with Users in relation to the Company Service

(2) For Security and Prevention of Unauthorized Use of the Company Services

  • Preventing unauthorized use, including spamming and unauthorized access
  • Making identity confirmation of Users or making contact with Users upon occurrence of unauthorized use

(3) For Personalization and Distribution of Advertisement

  • Giving a public notice on information about the Company Service and advertising information in which a business operator other than the Company becomes a sponsor
  • Providing the Company Service customized to individual Users

4. Provision of User Information

The Company may provide all or part of User Information collected from Users to the Company’s business contractors (including those in overseas countries) to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use. In this case, the Company will fully examine whether or not the business contractor has the requisite qualifications, and further, stipulate a provision relating to confidentiality obligations in entering into a contract with them, and thereby establish a system that ensures the appropriate management of information. Note that country’s name and the system which is related to said country’s personal information in the case of providing User Information for overseas business corporation can be found here.

5. Provision of User Information to Third Party

The Company will not provide User Information to a third party without consent of the User, except in the cases set forth below or cases permitted under laws:

(1) Provision of Services by Partner Restaurants Using the Company Service

The Company will provide, to its Partner Restaurants with which Users place orders, User Information including contents of orders, on behalf of User, within the scope necessary for the provision of the Company Service, by electronic or magnetic means. The Partner Restaurants will use such User Information not only for the purpose of providing Users products that were ordered through the Company Service but also for the purpose of providing Users product information and service information of the Partner Restaurants and sending questionnaires to Users. The Company obliges its Partner Restaurants to comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and the terms established by the Company that stipulate the handling of User Information in consideration for User’s privacy.

(2) Investigation of Fraudulent Settlement

The Company may, when it is found that there is a suspicion of fraudulent settlement by credit card, etc. in the Company Service, provide the content of such fraudulent act and User Information to the credit card company and other financial institutions, and Partner Restaurants that received an order settled by such a suspicious settlement, and to payment service providers under contract with the Company to cooperate with them in investigating fraudulent use or in conducting a criminal investigation.

(3) Sharing of Online Review Comments

The Company may provide online review comments posted by Users in the Company Service (such as order number, title, content of comment, evaluation) to the following parties:

  • Partner Restaurants and Headquarters of Chain Restaurants that are the subject of the content posted.
    *The Company may provide, to the Partner Restaurants or Headquarters of Chain Restaurants, nicknames, dates of use, contents of orders, etc. in addition to the above review comments.
  • Business operators managing online review comments other than the Company Services to whom the Company grants re-use of online review comments.
    There are cases when online review comments posted by Users at the Company’s review comment site may be disclosed at review comment sites other than that of the Company.

(4) Applying 3D Secure

If your credit card is 3D secure (an identity authentication service provided by credit card companies) enabled, we may, to the extent necessary for the service, provide part of user information such as address, telephone number, email address, etc. to your credit card company via the payment service provider with which the Company is contracted.

(5) Specifying the target of advertising delivery

For the purpose of specifying(including exclusion from) the target of advertisement delivery, there are cases that the Company provide our advertising partners with the information(hashed data such as customer e-mail address) to match the advertising partner’s user list.

6. Sharing of User Information

The Company will share User Information with LY Corporation, which is engaged in a capital and business collaboration with the Company, and with subsidiaries or affiliates of LY Corporation (subsidiaries or affiliates as defined in the Rules on Terminology, Forms, and Preparation Methods of Financial Statements; including subsidiaries or affiliates in overseas countries), to the extent necessary to achieve the purpose of use.

Items of User Information to be shared shall be the same as those set forth in Item 2 “Collection of User Information” above.

Purposes of shared use of User Information shall be the same as those set forth in Item 3 “Purpose of Use of User Information” above (provided, however, that in the purpose of shared use of User Information, the Company shall be replaced with each shared user).

The Company acts as the administrator supervising the management of shared use. For inquiries about shared use, please contact the Demae-can Customer Center as set forth below.

7. Confirmation, Correction, Removal, etc. of Information

Registration Information

User may confirm and correct his or her registration information and remove his or her account by inputting his or her registered email address and password. Please note that it may take some time until the registration information is completely removed from the Company System after the removal of account by User.

Other Personal Information

If User cannot confirm or correct his or her registration information or delete his or her account by the method set forth above, or if User wishes to request disclosure, etc. of such personal information that cannot be confirmed on the Company Service site, please contact the Demae-can Customer Center as set forth in Item 9 “Inquiries about User Information” to submit such request via email. In this case, User may be requested to submit information for identity confirmation. The Company will disclose, correct or delete User’s personal information within a reasonable period in accordance with the applicable laws after having confirmed that the request was submitted by the User himself or herself.

8. Handling of information about users transmitted externally

We may place tags and modules, including cookies and SDKs provided by other companies, in the applications and websites of the Service to transmit information to external parties for the purpose of analyzing the usage of our Service, targeted advertising, or measuring advertising effectiveness. More details can be found here.

9. Inquiries about User Information

The Demae-can website has set up the following point of contact for inquiries about User Information.

Demae-can Customer Center

LINKSQUARE SHINJUK/5-27-5 Sendagaya, Shibuya, Tokyo, 151-0051
Demae-can Co., Ltd.
President & CEO Hideo Fujii